Coastal Surveillance Sdn Bhd will assist its customer in ab-initio pilot training from zero hour cadet to a professional pilot with 100 hours single engine in Tecnam P92JS, 150 hours multi-engine flying in Tecnam P2006T and 50 hours in Softeksim P2006T flight simulator. All flying instruction will be performed by qualified Chief Flying Instructors (CFI) or Assistant Flying Instructors (AFI).

Adequate number of hours on ground school will be condected by certified ground instructors.

Upon obtaining their flying certificate equivelant to Commercial Pilot License & Instrument Rating (CPL/IR) we will give them a very stringent check ride by our CFIs to ensure they will achieve the highest standard and safe pilots.

Tecnam P92JS Primary Trainer - 100 hours


Tecnam P2006T Multi-engine Trainer - 150 hours


Including Night Flying in Tecnam P2006T


Softeksim P2006T Flight Simulator - 50 hours


Flying in Difficult Situation and Adverse Weather Conditions